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5 Keys to Optimum INR Management

Partnering healthcare professionals and their patients benefit from            Real-Time Diagnostics' (RTD) comprehensive and flexible                  Integrated INR Management Program

4.)  Diverse Adaptable Model

  • Tremendous success working with healthcare professionals, hospital systems, anti-coagulation clinics (ACC) and varying health plans​

  • The diversity of our trusted strategic partners validates our capability and capacity to implement a successful INR Management Program for patients on long-term Coumadin/Warfarin Therapy

5.)  Results Influenced:

  • ​Patients who remain in therapeutic range as a result of home-testing require fewer dosing changes and other interventions.  Clinical trials indicate more frequent testing of PT/INR levels leads to fewer complications and improved outcomes, specifically, fewer strokes, major bleeding, clotting and death.

  • Real-Time Diagnostics 70.1% average time in therapeutic range (TTR) exceeds industry average and can significantly improve your patients' care and reduce your INR management costs.  





Percent reduction in events associated with

weekly self-testing

1.) Physician Driven​​​​

  • Focus on the conditions or obstacles that may impact the result

  • Options to off-load operational challenges and increase revenue

  • Communication hub for patient, physician and payer​

  • ​Ensure care optimization and compliance

2.)  Clinically Managed

  • Our Pharmacists and clinical staff provide clinical guardrails around the process to ensure safe transition and continued oversight for each patient​

  • Our Pharmacists and clinical staff can dose, monitor, conduct medication management reviews and address triggers that impact Coumadin levels and medication adherence

    • Our clinical staff engages with patients to identify warnings or complications impacting their result and potentially causing adverse events

3.)  Patient Engaged

  • Our clinical staff are available for consultation and education to provide patients with the tools and resources to become more educated, confident and motivated to participate in their care

    • Dosage Management Services (optional)

    • Medication Review and Education (optional)​​​​​

    • Educational booklets provided upon enrollment into RTD: 

      • A Heart-Healthy Approach for Foods Containing Vitamin K

      • My Coumadin Therapy and PT/INR Self-Testing Booklet

    • Compliance communications: reminder and overdue calls to ensure patients achieve optimum time in therapeutic range (TTR)












Real-Time Diagnostics Patient Analysis

Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • In 2016/2017, RTD conducted a customer satisfaction survey to 1200 customers yielding a 58% return (701 customer responses).             RTD randomly selected patient self-test and dosage managed customers for feedback regarding our service and their overall outcome.

Survey Results Concluded:

98%    of customers strongly agree or agree to feeling comfortable

             and confident to test on their own

98%     of customers strongly agree or agree that weekly patient self-testing              has made them more aware of things (medications, diet, lifestyle)                  that impact their result

98%    of customers are happy their doctor recommended weekly INR

             self-testing because they feel more involved in their care 

100%  of the customers (dosed by RTD) strongly agree or agree that                        talking to an RTD Pharmacist or clinical staff member was helpful

             and effective in addressing their questions about their INR results

             or overall Coumadin therapy

93%     of the customers (dosed by RTD) rated their quality of care during                dosing interactions (conversations) with the RTD Pharmacist                      or clinical staff member as superior or very satisfactory

90%    of customers (dosed by RTD) rated the quality of education 

             received by a RTD Pharmacist or clinical staff member

             as superior or very satisfactory

99%    of the customers strongly agree or agree to being satisfied with

            the service RTD has provided to them

Real-Time Diagnostics 70.1% average time in therapeutic range is reflective of the patients desire and         commitment to self-test.








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