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Patient Education

As a courtesy to new self-testers, RTD will provide both educational booklets in all initial supply orders.

Consumer (Patient) Brochure

  • Brochure highlights the benefits of self-testing

  • Q & A section addresses commonly asked questions about insurance coverage, meter training, cost and enrollment process

My Coumadin Therapy and PT/INR Self-Testing Educational Booklet

Topics discussed within this 35 page booklet:

  • What is Coumadin and How Does it Work?

  • Common Medical Conditions Where Coumadin Might Be Prescribed 

  • Blood Tests and Their Importance

    • What does PT/INR mean?​

    • When and where do I get my blood tested?

    • What should my PT/INR number or range be?

  • Things That Affect My Coumadin Therapy

    • Potential medication interactions ​

    • Diet and vitamin K consumption

    • Alcohol and tobacco use

    • Sickness

    • Medical and dental procedures

    • Pregnancy

  • Possible Side Effects of Coumadin 

  • Tools and Resources

    • Tips for a successful fingerstick test

    • Coumadin dosage and PT/INR self-test log book

    • Seasonal tips and hints for people on Coumadin

    • Medication log

A Heart-Healthy Approach for Foods Containing Vitamin K

Topics discussed within this 27 page food guide:

  • Vitamin K Content of Common Foods and Beverages

    • Easily identify med/high vitamin K-rich foods within the guide by yellow and red color coding

  • Appropriate Portion Sizes to Accommodate a Heart-Healthy Diet

    • Portion sizes equivalent to 1-2 carbohydrates per serving​

  • Tips for Maintaining a Heart-Healthy Eating Plan

  • Helpful Tools and Information

    • Website provided for complete listing of foods and their vitamin K content

    • Tips on reading food nutrition labels

    • Visual reference guide provided so patients can learn to estimate correct portion sizes 

    • Healthy food substitution list

    • 10 tips to a great plate 

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