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Convenient — No more trips to the lab. Test in the comfort of your home or while traveling. 

Fast, Accurate & Reliable  — It takes about 5 minutes to self-test, from start to finish. There is a 97% correlation between results obtained through self-testing and results obtained at a lab or doctor's office.


Simple Fingerstick — With self-testing, you simply provide a small amount of blood through a fingerstick. There is no need to draw blood from a vein.

Fewer Adverse Events (Medical Complications) — Clinical studies have shown more frequent PT/INR self-testing lowers the risk of serious adverse events (stroke, heart attack, bleeding) compared to monthly testing options by 38-55%.

Real-Time Reporting — After each result is received, Real-Time Diagnostics will provide this information to your physician via fax or our on-line portal for their review.

Quick Adjustments — When you self-test at home on a weekly basis, your doctor will find out if your PT/INR level is out of the safe range more quickly than if you tested monthly at a lab or office. This means your doctor can make adjustments to your medication — and get you back into the safe range — much more quickly with self-testing.

Benefits of Self-Testing

Self-testing your PT/INR has many advantages

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