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Your Trusted Resource For INR Management

Having Trouble Testing?

Caring for a Patient
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Partnering healthcare professionals and patients benefit from Real-Time Diagnostics comprehensive and flexible Integrated INR Management Program. 

  • Patient self-testing services

  • Comprehensive data and reporting

       (via our online portal, fax, email or phone)

  • Our Pharmacists and clinical team can dose, monitor and address triggers that impact Coumadin levels and medication adherence

  • Clinical team available for consultation and education to provide patients with tools and resources to help in their care

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     “We have utilized Real-Time Diagnostics' (RTD) patient self-testing services (PST) at our anticoagulation clinic since 2010 and would highly recommend them. Spectrum Health views PST as an integral part of our service offering. PST is a true benefit and convenience for the patient, while continuing to provide the highest standard of cardiac care. Relationships that are large in scope, such as the one we have with RTD, pose logistical challenges that need to be addressed. One of the best things I can say about RTD, is that any time an issue does come up, it is met quickly and addressed to our satisfaction. We have complete confidence in our partnership with RTD and their ability to help us serve our patients.”

- Spectrum Health Medical Group Anticoagulation Clinic, MI

“As our cardiology practice has grown and evolved, it has become critical for our practice to look and consider other companies/opportunities that can provide a more comprehensive INR program that fits the needs of our growing patient volume and expanding practice.  The dosage management services provided by RTD's clinical team gives us the confidence and trust we were looking for in an INR Management company and far exceeds the traditional service received/delivered at the lab or bother patient self-testing (PST) companies.”


- Stuart Cardiology Group, FL

In 2012, Advanced Cardiovascular Associates, PLC., partnered with Real-Time Diagnostics (RTD) for INR Management of our long-term Coumadin therapy patients.  What drew us to RTD was the fact that they were (and still are today), the only patient self-testing company in the country that provides a unique clinical program which includes dosage management, medication therapy management and patient education to our patients; a true differentiator in the self-testing industry.  They utilize a team of pharmacists and clinical staff to provide the much needed oversight and management that our Coumadin patients require and our physicians trust their decisions.  A long standing, 5 year relationship with a company like RTD is pretty unique and rare.”


- Advanced Cardiovascular Associates, PLC

"My husband takes Coumadin and he is always concerned with his levels. He was typically in range each month when we tested, but he feels so much more confident about his situation now because he sees his INR test results each week." 
- Gail W.

"I originally tested at the lab and didn't like getting poked with a needle. Then they offered a fingerstick test at my doctor's office. I thought that was great. But now I can do the same fingerstick test myself in my own home! And the people on the phone at Real-Time are very helpful if I ever have questions." 
- Calvin P.

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