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Benefits to Your Patients

Beyond improved patient outcomes, patients who self test at home enjoy many other benefits

  • Convenience — Patients don't need to make a special trip to the doctor's office or lab for INR testing. There's no need for patients to head outside during bad weather. Real-Time Diagnostics even provides free home delivery of PT/INR testing supplies.

  • Fast — It takes about 5 minutes to self test at home.

  • Accurate — Current technology demonstrates up to a 97% correlation between results obtained through self testing and results obtained by a lab or at the point of care.

  • Simple Fingerstick — With self testing at home, patients simply provide a small drop of blood from a fingerstick. There's no need for a venous blood draw.

  • Travel Anywhere — Patients can plan trips and head out of town for extended periods of time. They can self test anywhere and Real-Time Diagnostics will fax the results to your office.

  • Fewer Medical Complications — Clinical studies, have shown more frequent PT/INR testing lowers the risk of serious medical complications like stroke and bleeding.

  • Quick Adjustments — With weekly self testing, your patients will have peace of mind knowing you will be notified immediately if their INR test results are out of the therapeutic range.

Benefits to Your Practice

PT/INR self testing can benefit your medical practice in many ways.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes — Frequent INR testing leads to more time spent in the therapeutic range and improved patient outcomes

  • Additional Billing Opportunities — Monthly patient summaries are provided for physician interpretation and billing

  • More Data Points — INR data and trends are recorded and reported to you on a weekly and monthly basis

  • Immediate Notifications — You'll receive immediate notification when test results are out of the therapeutic range

  • Patient Training — Real-Time Diagnostics can assist you in establishing a training program to teach your patients how to self test at home — or our registered nurses will take care of the training for you!

  • Customer Service — Your patients will have access to the Real-Time Diagnostics customer service team and our local field representatives in your area

  • Patient Involvement in Care — Your patients will be more involved in their own care

  • Weekly Reminders — Real-Time Diagnostics encourages compliance by sending your patients weekly reminders to test and proactively following up with them when they've missed their scheduled test

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